Drainage Service & Repair in Montecito Burnaby BC

Many homeowners are baffled when they notice a drainage problem that is persistent or cannot be solved through the use of a store bought snake or drain clearing liquid. What many fail to realize is that there are many situations in which a clogged drain requires drainage service & repair in Montecito Burnaby BC from Highmark Plumbing. Our professionals are trained to examine and assess all drain problems, from the smallest of clogs to urgent broken pipe situations.

Drainage Service & Repair in Montecito Burnaby BC

Why is it important that a clogged drain get quick, proper attention? What many homeowners fail to realize is that a clogged drain could be due in part to a larger drainage problem, such as a pipe intrusion or crack.

So, waiting to complete repairs, or attempting to complete them with a less-than-adequate tool can be fruitless and potentially worsen the problem. It is for this reason that a snake or drain clearing liquid may not be appropriate to handle all clogged drains.

A Highmark Plumbing technician understands that all drain problems need to be properly investigated to identify their origin and the proper course of action for repair.

We want to be sure that a clogged drain isn’t something that could cause a homeowner further damage to their system, and that repairing the clog isn’t simply a short-term remedy to a long-term problem.

We feel that our customers deserve the best service at all times, and the best service should always include thorough repairs that are done correctly the first time.

Whether you have a minor problem or a major plumbing emergency, contact Highmark Plumbing for drainage service & repair in Montecito Burnaby BC. Pick up the phone right now and call us at (604) 678-1650!