Drainage Service & Repair in Brentwood Park Burnaby BC

Finding the right company to handle all home and commercial drainage service & repair in Brentwood Park Burnaby BC is important. Not only does a homeowner or business owner need to be able to count on the quality of work that technicians perform, but they need to know that they are working with a reputable company that has their best interests in mind. What company can offer all of this to their customers at prices that aren’t astronomical? Highmark Plumbing, of course!

Drainage Service & Repair in Brentwood Park Burnaby BC

At Highmark Plumbing, we are known for our dedication to the customer. Not only are we available to assist with all plumbing repairs on weekends and overnight, but our customers know that when they call on us repairs are going to be done properly. Our technicians are trained to identify and repair all types of plumbing issues, including:

• Broken/cracked pipes
• Root intrusion
• Clogged drains
• Slow leaks…and more!

And, aside from repairs, we even offer preventative service to help ensure that plumbing systems are functioning optimally for years to come!

Typically, for good customer service, one would think that they have to pay more. However, that’s not the case for those customers in need of service or repairs. In fact, our prices are extremely competitive and can even be lowered when our customers take advantage of our special promotions. Even those who find themselves low on cash and with a plumbing emergency can take advantage of our great financing options available.

At Highmark Plumbing, we specialize in providing quality drainage service & repair in Brentwood Park Burnaby BC. Find out how we put all our customers first by calling us at (604) 678-1650 and scheduling your next service appointment.