Drainage Service & Repair in Airdrie, Calgary, AB

Drainage Service & Repair in Airdrie, Calgary, BC

Drainage service & Repair in Airdrie might sound like drain cleaning service, but we would like to explain the difference and what it can mean to you. The two are related, but stick with us here. Here at High Mark Plumbing, we know that sometimes a little extra knowledge can make all the difference in the world to good home maintenance.

Drainage is defined as the act of draining something. It can also refer to the tilth of a piece of land, especially its ability to absorb water or to let it drain away. Drainage can also refer to a system of drains arranged for draining something.

Drain systems for your home or business come in two main categories: Sewer mains and storm drains. When one or the other becomes damaged, it can leak into its opposite number. This can cause ground water pollution, excess water in sewer mains and even erosion.

Good maintenance of drains also helps support surface areas, such as lawns and roads. When drains, particularly large storm drains, collapse they can cause holes. The problems these can cause range from unexpected ditches to the collapse of sections of street or road. Leaking drains can also cause annoyances such as water in your basement and even erosion under your foundations.

Fortunately, High Mark Plumbing can help with your drainage service & repair in Airdrie, call (403)407-5750. We will be glad to discuss our ability to do trenchless repair and replacement of drain lines. This method not only streamlines the effort required, it help to preserve your landscaping, and can even help with repairs that need to be made beneath your foundation. Our goal is to keep your drainage system in good repair.