Drainage Service and Repair in Calgary

Drainage Service and Repair in Calgary

Here at High Mark Plumbing, we have the team and the equipment needed to deal with drainage service and repair in Calgary. Good drainage is an important aspect of your home architecture plan. It keeps moisture away from your foundations and basement walls, and it also keeps groundwater from mixing with greywater or blackwater that is carried away in your sewer drains. Keeping effluent from mixing with groundwater is one important aspect of drainage service.

Drainage service can involve checking and cleaning your storm drains as well as keeping your sewer drains in good repair. Drainage service and repair once might have involved digging unsightly trenches through your expensive or treasured landscaping. With modern equipment, digging can be held down to a minimum – usually a hole at the intake and one at the outtake of a line.

We can do this thanks to modern equipment. A tiny camera on the end of a flexible line can be inserted at one end of a drain line. It can be used to take pictures of what is going on inside your drain lines, so we know exactly what we are dealing with before we start work. Once the problem is discovered, we can set to work making repairs. These can involve running a rotary cleaning device down the drain line. It can even include inserting a flexible drain line into the existing line or space to replace crushed or broken areas.

Sometimes a drain line can be damaged to the extent that it needs to be replaced. We can even do that without digging. Once the location for all buried utility access lines are established, we can use an auger to bore a new drain line hole from the connection point for the line at the city utility side to the connection point at your home.

For drainage service and repair in Calgary, call Highmark Plumbing today at (403)407-5750. For maintenance and repairs to new installations or complete replacements, we will work to have your drains or sewer pipes returned as closely to their original capacity possible.

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