Drain Cleaning Service in Sunset Vancouver BC

Drain Cleaning Service in Sunset Vancouver BCWhen a drain seems to be flowing slower than usual, don’t turn to store bought drain cleaning liquid or start disassembling your wire hangers, turn to us instead. At Highmark Plumbing, we know that these methods of unplugging minor drain clogs can work, however for a homeowner there is no real way to determine the severity of a clog. So, in order to ensure that drains are truly going to function as they should for more than just a few weeks or months, we offer drain cleaning service in Sunset Vancouver BC.

A simple drain cleaning isn’t about making your pipes shine, it’s about ensuring that your drain and the pipe system function fluidly and as they should. Over time, buildup within pipes can cause drains to flow slowly, which can be an inconvenience for a homeowner.

However, the real problem may not be the buildup in a drain, but instead the reasoning behind the buildup could be, such as a cracked pipe or a root intrusion from an outdoor tree. It is specifically to address the buildup and potential cause of buildup that our services can be most valuable to our clients. We want to ensure that a homeowner isn’t facing a larger problem that some simple drain cleaning liquid cannot solve.

The flow of your drains could be an indication that you need more than just a quick unclogging, you may be in need of a full drain cleaning service in Sunset Vancouver BC. Just like a checkup by a dentist for your teeth, a Highmark Plumbing drain cleaning can help to improve the quality of your drains and ensure your pipes last for years. Call us today at (604) 678-1650 to learn more and schedule your next cleaning.