Drain Cleaning Service in Oakridge Vancouver BC

Drain Cleaning Service in Oakridge Vancouver BCIt is not uncommon for a homeowner to attempt to unclog their shower or sink drain on their own. While this can certainly work for smaller, shallow blockages, there are unfortunately some times when a drain requires much more effective tools. It’s at this time when a homeowner can make a call to a drain cleaning service in Oakridge Vancouver BC to handle their plumbing problem. But, because a homeowner wants to be sure their drain problem is solved, they need the assurance of a solid repair tech.

At Highmark Plumbing, we have experience in handling everything from minor drain clogs to completing re-piping due to root intrusions. Our technicians take their time to examine a clogged situation with the help of specialized cameras, determining the depth and cause of the clog. They use their findings to help determine which of their many tools would be most useful to unclog the drain or pipe. In some situations they may find that there is a serious underlying cause to blame for a backup, such as those intrusive tree roots or damage to a pipe. In these cases our team members can replace the entire system or help to find an ideal solution that suits the problem and the homeowner.

Without access to many of the tools that we have, identifying the problem within a drain could be guesswork. Which is exactly what some other plumbing companies do – guess at what will fix the problem.

At Highmark Plumbing, we have trained technicians who have an arsenal of tools to help combat clogged drains without having to guess. Call (604) 678-1650 for our drain cleaning service in Oakridge Vancouver BC. It’s the service that you can be certain will fix your drain problems.