Drain Cleaning Service in Marpole Vancouver BC

Drain Cleaning Service in Marpole Vancouver BCGot a broken pipe under the kitchen sink? Got a backed up drain in the shower? Any plumbing problem that you might have can be remedied with a simple phone call to Highmark Plumbing. We offer a number of great services to our customers, including replacement of sewer lines and drain cleaning service in Marpole Vancouver BC. Using state-of-the-art tools and having great technicians are two of the reasons why we are the only company you need for all your plumbing concerns.

Some of our more inquisitive customers ask about the tools that we use to help get the job done properly. Well, depending on the need, we have a number of tools to help unclog drains, including snakes, augers and a hydro-jet. The high-powered water that comes from a hydro-jet is typically the last resort if other methods of eliminating a blockage have proved fruitless. Our technicians have been trained to use these professional tools and can proudly boast that there’s no clog they can’t take care of.

But, because a piece of equipment is only as good as the person using it, we work to ensure that all of our technicians are trained and experienced before they head out on a job by themselves. Each also knows that they are entrusted by our customers with the care of their home, so we ensure that each is dedicated, can perform a job to the fullest and can forge a great relationship with our customers.

If you are searching for a quality drain cleaning service in Marpole Vancouver BC, then Highmark Plumbing is it! Pick up the phone and call us at (604) 678-1650 to learn more about what makes us a quality company and about the quality repairs we can perform.