Drain Cleaning Service in Fairview Vancouver BC

Drain Cleaning Service in Fairview Vancouver BCEvery homeowner knows that over time bathroom and kitchen drains naturally become clogged with everyday use. But, what happens when the drain problem is deeper within a pipe than the average store bought snake will allow. Well, that’s the point where a homeowner calls upon Highmark Plumbing for our drain cleaning service in Fairview Vancouver BC.

At Highmark, we see drain problems every day, and each one is slightly different than the last. For some homeowners their problems are unfortunately caused by something more serious than a buildup of hair in the drain. Some find, after a thorough diagnosis from our technicians, that their pipes are broken, offset or have even been damaged due to intrusive roots from outdoor trees. Many fail to realize that their drain problems can stem from these other problematic issues.

But, with Highmark Plumbing on their side, we have the tools, knowledge and resources to not only identify the problem but to fix it as well. We can use a hydro jet to power through tough blockages and replace water and sewer piping systems should the need arise. So, whether you have just a basic drain clog or are looking at something more serious with your pipes, we can tackle the job!

If you can’t seem to find the source of a drain clog, or simply don’t have the tools or time to handle a clog, then you are going to want to call us at (604) 678-1650. Our technicians have a number of professional tools at their disposal to tackle even the worst clogs you might have. You can trust in our drain cleaning service in Fairview Vancouver BC to handle all your drain and plumbing needs.