Drain Cleaning Service in Dunbar Vancouver BC

Drain Cleaning Service in Dunbar Vancouver BCAt Highmark Plumbing, we aim to provide our customers with all the services they would need when it comes to their drain and plumbing needs. So, aside from repairing damaged pipes and broken sewer lines, we also specialize in drain cleaning service in Dunbar Vancouver BC. In fact, this is one of the most frequently requested services that our repeat customer request.

While most people think of drain cleaning and believe that it is limited to simply unclogging drains, they’d be wrong. In fact, while we do clean out a number of drains, we also help our customers with identifying the cause of a blockage, such as intrusive tree roots or damaged pipes. To make this diagnosis we utilize a specialized camera to get a full understanding of the gravity of a problem. Then, we work with the homeowner to help them come to the best course of action to remedy the problem.

Depending on the situation we may recommend replacing a small section of the pipes within a home, or there have been times when a complete replacement of a system is necessary. So, while a homeowner might be seeing a pipe that is leaking, we work to ensure that that is the only problem they have with their pipes, and that the problem is not caused by something more serious.

Whether it’s a leaky pipe that needs fixing or you are in need of a drain cleaning service in Dunbar Vancouver BC, Highmark Plumbing can do it all. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call (604) 678-1650 to find out how we can help with all your plumbing needs.