Drain Cleaning Service in Calgary

Drain Cleaning Service in Calgary

High Mark Plumbing can take care of your drain cleaning service in Calgary. Drain cleaning is an important part of your plumbing services. It affects the quality of your plumbing operations and is an integral part of environmental services.

Drains can encompass a lot of different functions, ranging from dealing with groundwater build-up near your foundations or basement to sewer lines. Without appropriate drains, effluent would not be carried away from your home, and ground water could become mixed with greywater or even black water wastes from your home. Keeping drains clean helps to ensure that all wastes will be carried away to a location where they can be appropriately and effectively processed.

Drains can be challenged by a lot of different things. They can become clogged by tree roots, crushed by heavy vehicles, accidentally damaged by enthusiastic gardeners or even by home renovations. At one time, drain cleaning could involve a lot of digging – but those days are behind us.

Thanks to modern technology, plumbers are able to send a tiny camera down your drain lines to check for obstructions. They can get a clear picture, literally, of any problems that have developed or are about to develop in your drain lines. A flexible line can also deliver a rotating cleaning tool that can remove tree roots or built-up silt from the line.

Drain lines tend to develop a sort of plaque on their insides. This plaque is made up of grease and dirt from kitchen waste, detergent build up and from solid bathroom waste. As it builds up, it narrows the effective width of the drain and can eventually block it. With modern cleaning techniques, this build-up can be quickly and effectively cleaned from your drain lines.

For drain cleaning service in Calgary, call Highmark Plumbing today at (403)407-5750. Our expert team is ready to help with broken or burst pipes, or even root intrusion damage.


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