Drain Cleaning Service in Brentwood Park Burnaby BC

Drain Cleaning Service in Brentwood Park Burnaby BCWe find that many homeowners are unaware whether or not they need drain and pipe cleaning services, until a problem arises. The truth is, even when pipes seem to be flowing well and drains aren’t clogged, there can still be problems within a plumbing system that need to be addressed. For this reason, Highmark Plumbing offers drain cleaning service in Brentwood Park Burnaby BC for all our local residents and businesses. We aim to ensure that large drainage problems don’t catch home and business owners off guard.

Contrary to popular believe, a drain cleaning service isn’t simply just for those times when a drain is clogged. In fact, many local residents will have their clog taken care of and their drains cleaned and inspected at the same time. This not only helps to take care of the current clog but it can serve to help ensure that the entire system is functioning properly.

Using a specialized camera our plumbing technicians are able to check the condition of pipes deep within the system, to determine whether there is a larger problem causing a backup. If there is a clog in a system each technician has a number of different tools, including a high-powered water jet and an auger, to take care of it. We have never seen a clog that we cannot take care of with our equipment.

Don’t overlook the drainage system within your home or business! Pick up the phone and call Highmark Plumbing at (604) 678-1650 to schedule a drain cleaning service in Brentwood Park Burnaby BC. A simple review of your pipes can help to save you money and a headache down the road.