Drain Cleaning Service in Arbutus Vancouver BC

Drain Cleaning Service in Arbutus Vancouver BCWhen slow moving drains slow up homeowners, it can sometimes be difficult to remedy the problem. While sometimes unclogging a drain is possible with a snake tool or even store bought drain solution, more serious drain troubles require a serious drain cleaning service in Arbutus Vancouver BC. There’s no one more serious about drains than the technicians of Highmark Plumbing.

At Highmark, we ensure that each of our technicians is trained to identify blockages, whether they are superficial in a piping system or caused by a deeper problem. All technicians are armed with specialized cameras that can travel within the pipe to identify the potential cause, and they have numerous tools at their disposal to help remove that blockage, including an auger and hydro jet. A spot repair can be done in the same service if needed, and complete replacement of a piping system may be recommended in the event that a blockage has caused significant damage.

What homeowners can appreciate about our services is that we take on major whole-home plumbing problems and can tackle even the little issues that may keep a drain from working. We don’t expect our customers to take care of even a minor problem, they can call us! We certainly don’t mind helping take toys out of the drain or finding an engagement ring in the trap of one.

Are you searching for a drain cleaning service in Arbutus Vancouver BC that can help to unclog your drains? There’s only one name you need to know – Highmark Plumbing! Our technicians are standing by at (604) 678-1650 to help clear up the littlest and the worst drain backups for our valued customers.