Drain Cleaning in Airdrie, Calgary, AB

Drain Cleaning in Airdrie, Calgary, BC

High Mark Plumbing will be glad to take care of your drain cleaning in Airdrie. We know that there is almost nothing so annoying as a drain that simply doesn’t drain – unless it is one that backs up and overflows unexpectedly.

Slow drains and drains are symptoms of drains that need cleaning. At one time, this could have been quite an ordeal. But thanks to modern plumbing equipment, it is much easier to accomplish. Small cameras on the end of a flexible line can reach into clogged lines, and take a look around at the inside of the pipe. This will often reveal the cause of the problem.

Tree roots are often a leading cause of clogged drains, but there are other possible problems. Over time, household effluent that goes down the drain can create a sort of plaque on the inside of the pipes, significantly narrowing the interior circumference. Grease, vegetable bits, and solids from the bathroom are all culprits in this buildup.

Of course, there is also the accidentally flushed item, such as Legos or those cute little strawberry pincushions, that can cause clogged drains. Grabbers on the end of flexible rods can often retrieve the lodged item; augers that also work on the end of a line can bore out stubborn obstructions and tree roots.

High Mark Plumbing will be glad to take care of your drain cleaning in Airdrie, just call us at (403)407-5750. We have both the crew and the equipment to get those clogs cleaned out and the waste flowing away from your living space instead of stubbornly refusing to leave or even backing up. We are also available to answer questions about methods or procedures that you might find of interest.