Directional Drilling For Sewer Main Replacement in Ladner

Directional Drilling For Sewer Main Replacement in Ladner

Are you in need of a new sewer line but don’t want to make unsightly and ugly trenches and holes in your yard or landscape? If you want affordable and less invasive directional drilling for sewer main replacement in Ladner, then High Mark Plumbing has the experience and skills you need. Our certified plumbers are professional and experienced and know how to do the job efficiently and affordably. We are licensed and bonded, and you can trust that we will do it right.

Typically, in the past, when a new pipe is required to be installed, a company would use excavators and other heavy equipment to dig trenches to reach broken lines and make inspections and repairs. The pipes would be installed and then buried in the ground with backfill. The downside to this technique is that the worksite is left with unsightly scars and tracks from the trenches and machinery after the installation is complete. This method costs more, too.

Fortunately, directional drilling eliminates the need for large, deep trenches, and keeps most of the installation process underground; this results in a less invasive and destructive installation procedure overall. Directional drilling has been around for a while, but now it is becoming an ever more increasingly popular method to install sewer lines.

How does it differ from traditional trenching methods? Firstly, it eliminates the need for open trenches and massive holes dug in the landscape. Secondly, a horizontal boring machine takes the place of the heavy excavators, and it drills a pilot hole, precisely and accurately, with the capability to direct the movements in any direction necessary. This allows for the hole to be drilled in a location underground that avoids obstructions and established pipes that might get in the way. After the pilot hole is drilled even wider, the new sewer pipe is inserted into the tunnel and connected to the main pipes. This method minimizes the overall destruction and ugly damage to the worksite above ground that results from traditional trenching.

After you decide that traditional trenching is not the right method for your new sewer pipe installation, look into directional drilling for sewer main replacement in Ladner. High Mark Plumbing can do the job without disrupting the aesthetics of your yard or landscape. Call us now at (604) 945-6060 to find out more about our services.