Common Problems with Air Conditioners

When you’re in the middle of a heatwave, the last thing you want is your AC to break down on you. Understanding the common problems with air conditioners is a great first step offering clear indications of when to schedule a professional repair service!
Common Problems With Air Conditioners - High Mark Plumbing and Heating

Common Problems With Air Conditioners

When you’re in the middle of a heatwave, the last thing you want is your AC to break down on you. Understanding the common problems with air conditioners is a great first step offering clear indications of when to schedule a professional repair service! By the end of this article, you’ll be well-equipped to avoid scorching heat indoors and risking your safety.

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Some of the Common Problems with Air Conditioners include:

Dirty and Blocked Air Filters

Dirty air filters cause several problems with your AC unit. You could experience poor airflow, unimpressive cooling performance, or your system turning on and off. Depending on the type of filter in your specific system, you can clean it by hand or replace it as needed.


Our experts at High Mark recommend cleaning your air filter every 2 weeks and replacing it every 3 months to have improved energy efficiency and indoor air quality! How often you clean or replace your dirty filters will depend on pet dander, wildfire smoke, and other factors that may affect how clogged your filters get during the season.


Even after cleaning or replacing your air filter, if you’re still having problems with your AC, it’s best to call in the experts for help. Whenever you’re uncertain how to take care of your air conditioner, we’re here for you with comprehensive AC tune-ups! Don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

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Uneven or No Cooling

After spending a fun day in the sun, many homeowners with air conditioners expect relief from the heat when they get home. When you experience uneven or no cooling at all not only is it the ultimate letdown but your home turns into a sweltering sauna. At High Mark, this is considered an urgent call that we tackle right away!


Whether your inadequate cooling is happening from thermostat problems or a possible refrigerant leak, it’s essential that you schedule your repair immediately to prevent bigger problems.

Poor or No Airflow

Are you noticing your indoor airflow to be stuffy or feeling weak airflow coming from your vents? If your AC is gasping for help, it may be from low refrigerant levels, clogged air filters, or an internal part needs attention.


If you suspect your refrigerant is low and needs a refill or possibly a leak, our certified experts can take care of it according to regulations. We’ll get the airflow back fast, so your comfort and air circulation are perfect to beat the heat!

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AC is Leaking!

Discovering a puddle where your AC sits can quickly turn your cool oasis into a swamp of worry. Your air conditioner’s role is to cool your home but also in the process, it helps dehumidify your space! When you notice excess humidity or leaks, it’s a sign of trouble.


Leaks not only risk water damage but also raise health alarms. If you see water leaking along the side of the wall, dripping onto your flooring, or pooling outside, it may be from several factors.


Whether it’s from a clogged drain in your system or loose parts, our experts can get it resolved quickly to prevent further damage. It’s best to call for urgent repairs to avoid mold, mildew, and pests from taking residence.


Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

If you notice your AC is causing the circuit breaker to trip often, avoid DIY troubleshooting and call our experts right away! There are several possible reasons why it’s happening, and it takes expertise to sift through the potential causes like low refrigerant levels or dirty coils. Whether your repairs require cooling experts or electrical experts, High Mark has you covered!

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Your System Keeps Turning On and Off

Does your AC have a mind of its own, shutting off and on without any rhyme or reason? This mysterious behavior is more than a quirky trait; it’s a symptom that something’s not right. It may be from a tripped circuit breaker, dirty air filters, or other problems inside your unit. Something to keep in mind is that your AC turning on and off frequently increases your utility bills and wears out your unit. So, it’s best to have an expert find solutions to put an end to the problem once and for all!

AC is Constantly Running

When your AC is running a never-ending marathon, one of your biggest concerns may be skyrocketing utility bills. If your space is at the perfect temperature according to your setting, you may have several factors causing this issue. Some possible reasons may be a faulty thermostat, an aged system, or other problems that should be looked at by cooling experts.

Hearing Unusual Noises from the AC Unit

Loud rattling, grinding, or banging noises, may indicate there are internal components that need immediate attention. Typically, your annual tune-up catches the culprits like loose or worn parts. But if you’re long overdue for service, you may experience these loud noises. Get your AC checked out right away to avoid further damage to your unit.

Smelling Unpleasant Odors

Are you crinkling your nose smelling a bad funk indoors? If you ever smell anything that resembles rotten eggs or smoke, call experts immediately!  Unpleasant smells like mold are a clear sign that something in your AC is amiss. Let us sniff out the problem and help freshen up your home.


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Frozen Coils or Icy System

Nothing screams ‘something’s wrong’ quite like finding your AC unit dressed in ice, especially during the sweltering summer months. Ice on your AC isn’t a cool summer feature; it’s a cry for help. Let’s melt away those frosty issues and get back to delivering the chill in the right way.

An Easy Solution to Preventing These Common Problems

Annual tune-ups are simple yet effective ways to prevent surprise breakdowns in the middle of a heatwave. When your AC is neglected, you may notice higher energy bills and other concerns like leaks. By scheduling annual maintenance, before the start of the season, you’ll have clean air filters, catch early repairs, and know that it’s ready to go when the heat advisories are announced!


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Schedule Your Annual AC Tune-Up Today

Like any HVAC system, cooling systems need attention and care from experts. Being proactive with an annual AC tune-up is the best solution to avoid some of these common problems with air conditioners. Enjoy enhanced performance, energy efficiency, cleaner indoor air, and extend the lifespan of your AC unit by scheduling your service with High Mark!


Our service experts provide prompt AC repairs, returning your sanctuary to a cool, comfortable home.


If you’re having issues with your AC unit, contact High Mark today. Our licensed AC service experts can help you get your system back online in no time! Should you have an emergency with your cooling system, we’re here for you 24/7!



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