Cochrane Burnaby BC Plumbing Service & Repair

Cochrane Burnaby BC Plumbing Service & Repair


Cochrane Burnaby BC Pipe Repair & Repiping Service

We offer professional pipe leak detection so that we can get to the heart of a potential leak in no time at all. Having any sort of a leak can lead to major damage, so you need to get a fix as soon as possible.

Trenchless Sewer Main Line Repair & Installation Services in Cochrane

When you have to repair or replace your sewer lines or system, you probably want the economical path for your wallet. What if we told you that there is not only a more affordable option but also one that doesn’t create a giant mess in your yard or driveway?

Trenchless Water Main Line Repair & Installation Service in Cochrane

Unlike traditional methods that require massive trenches, we leave a minimally-sized hole that can be easily repaired and restored to a beautiful condition. We then install a new pipe inside of the older line by pulling it through with a cable.

Directional Drilling for Water Main Replacement in Cochrane

Your main water line is the main source of clean water for your property. If a water main is damaged, then it could impact your home or business. A water main can become troublesome and a major headache.