Why does my drain smell

Why Does My Drain Smell

A common question we get is “Why does my drain smell?” Cleaning a stinky drain isn’t as easy as taking out the garbage but it is not too hard

Shower vs baths

Showers Vs Baths – Which is Better

You’ve had a really hard day at work.  You turn on the faucet, pour bubble bath into the water, and pour yourself a glass of Malbec to enjoy while you are soaking in the bathtub.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have time for a long luxurious soak.  So let us investigate which is better, showers vs baths.

Animals In Your Plumbing

Are There Animals In Your Pipes

Are There Animals In Your PipesWhat’s the last thing you expect to see peeking up at you from your drain?  An alligator?  A snake?  An opossum? A rat? It must be said, you may find animals in your plumbing or coming out of your plumbing.  Are there animals in your pipes?  If so they can cause extensive damage. While it …

The Importance of Women in Trades

The Importance of Women in Trades

As a young girl growing up in the 1970s, it never occurred to me to pursue a trade for my profession. The most common professions at the time were secretarial, teaching, and nursing. Fifty years later, while more women are choosing trades, women still only make up 4% of employees.

How Much Is A Hot Water Tank

How Much Is A Hot Water Tank

How much is a hot water tank?  The average cost range is from $1200 to $2500.  Before you jump into a replacement, make sure you need one.

Plumbing Myths

Plumbing Myths

Many of our customers ask us questions about some of the plumbing myths that exist. With the internet and information being so easy to find, the frequency has been increasing. See if the plumbing myth you have heard about is listed below.

Leaks Under Foundation

Signs Of Leaks Under The Foundation

One of the worst things that could happen is if you have plumbing leaks under the foundation of your home. If your home is newer this is less likely to happen, but older home owners should keep an eye for these signs.

Improve Water Quality

How To Improve Water Quality At Home

Water is one of the essential items that we need to survive. It also can be hazardous if the water quality is poor. How do you ensure that your water safe? Fortunately we live in Canada, and our water quality is one of the best in the world.