10 Must Have Tools for Homeowners

must have tools for homeowners

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! It’s a pivotal, exciting new chapter of your life to own a home. Along with the excitement and joy that comes with repairs and maintenance to do around in and around your property. Today we’d love to share the top 10 must-have tools for homeowners!

How to Do Deck Restoration Like a Pro

deck restoration

Barbeque season is fast approaching. Is your deck ready to host gatherings? Winter can weather the deck. Frost, salt, and other debris can wreak havoc on your deck. Let’s explore how you can DIY your deck restoration like a pro!

Tips for Caulking Around the House

caulking around the house

You’ll be learning how caulk is useful in your home, along with some pro tips to make it easier to protect your home from seeping air, moisture, and critters.

Preventative Maintenance is the Key to a Healthy Home

preventative maintenance

Do you have annual physicals for your body? Similarly, it’s highly recommended that you have preventive maintenance performed for your home! Seasonal and annual upkeep for your home will ultimately enhance your home environment, the longevity of equipment, and the affordability of utility bills.

Benefits of Insulating Concrete Floors

Insulating Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring can be aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and offer you easy upkeep. Your first initial thought may be, “concrete sounds cold!” There are numerous solutions to heat up your room with concrete flooring to ensure that you stay warm during the colder months and stay cool during the warmer months.

How Concrete Installation Can Better Protect Your Home

Concrete installation process

A structurally sound house should be constructed to withstand diverse weather patterns. That includes proper architectural design internally and externally to promote weatherproofing. The slab concrete that holds up your house from the ground up is going to be there forever.

Do you need to prime new drywall before painting

Primer is important after drywall installation. By laying down the base coat before painting the walls and ceilings, you'll have more uniformed paint coverage and longevity.

Once you know why primer is important for a successful home improvement project, it’ll make sense why painters and paint manufacturers recommend using a primer first. It’s an added step but it’s worth the time, energy, and expenses.

Asbestos Removal in Vancouver

Asbestos removal technician in a gas mask and protective gear to minimize exposure.

This widely used fiber has been around for centuries. Yet it wasn’t until 2018 that asbestos was banned. Be better informed about this dangerous fiber to know what actions to take next.

Protect Your Home From Damages Caused By Pets

Two puppies waiting for their owner to hand them delicious treats.

Pets offer humans affection, joy, and companionship. But when they’re feeling mischievous and too playful, they can end up causing damages to your home. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your home from possible damages.