Common Reasons Why Your Lights Are Flickering

lights are flickering

When you’re experiencing flickering lights in your home, it’s not only irritating but also a concerning problem. Whether it’s a simple fix or a complicated issue, it’s important to remember that trying to fix your electrical problem can be hazardous to you, your family members, and your neighbours.

Best Types of Indoor Lighting Fixtures for Homeowners

indoor lighting fixtures

Indoor lighting fixtures come in many forms. It enhances the ambiance greatly. Just by changing your light fixtures, your home can make a dramatic shift from modern to rustic. There are countless indoor lighting fixtures available, it can be a bit overwhelming yet exciting while shopping around!

8 Tips to Perform Smoke Alarm Maintenance

smoke alarm maintenance

Having early detection of smoke in your home will ensure that your household can evacuate your home safely before any injuries and fatalities occur. Additionally, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your smoke alarm is working flawlessly.

6 Benefits of Getting an Electrical Inspection

electrical inspection

Electricity is used all day long whether you’re asleep or awake, home or away. Because electrical currents silently run through your home 24/7, it’s important to have an occasional electrical inspection.

Why Your Breaker Keeps Tripping

breaker keeps tripping

We’ve heard your frustrated voices, readers and callers! One of the common phone calls we get is “my circuit breaker keeps tripping. What do I do?”

How Often Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Need To Be Replaced?

how often do carbon monoxide detectors need to be replaced

Today we are doing a carbon monoxide awareness blog post to honour those lives lost due to carbon monoxide poisoning. We extend our sincerest condolences for your loss. We’ll be getting into the nitty gritty today to best protect your household.

Preventative Maintenance is the Key to a Healthy Home

preventative maintenance

Do you have annual physicals for your body? Similarly, it’s highly recommended that you have preventive maintenance performed for your home! Seasonal and annual upkeep for your home will ultimately enhance your home environment, the longevity of equipment, and the affordability of utility bills.

Is a Dimmable LED Light Switch Energy Efficient?

Dimmable LED light switch in bedroom

Have you ever wondered whether dimmable light switches make a difference in your electrical bill? Today you’ll have some answers to your question as to whether it’s worth installing LED dimmable light switches in your home.