Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring time is also seasonal maintenance time.  Here’s a list of Spring Home Maintenance chores which will keep your home systems operating at tip top shape.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Summer is coming and with it the heat.  It comes as no surprise that air conditioning usage in BC is rising across the province.  Whether it be due to climate change or if people just want to be more comfortable, the number of people with air conditioning units is growing.  If you are considering getting an AC unit then you will have to choose from the several types of air conditioning units that are now available.

Furnace Tune Up

Why A Furnace Tune Up Is Important

Do I need to do a furnace tune up, yet it is functioning normally? This is one question that lingers in many homeowners’ minds. Heating and cooling companies recommend that you schedule a furnace tune-up once every year, but most people don’t understand why they should invite a technician to check on a system that is still working without a glitch.