Boiler Service & Repair in UniverCity Burnaby BC

Boiler Service & Repair in UniverCity BurnabyMany UniverCity residents often ask us why they need an annual servicing of their boiler system, and what we can do at a service appointment to ensure that their boiler functions properly. The Highmark Plumbing boiler service & repair in UniverCity Burnaby BC is designed to help homeowners ensure that their boiler is always working at its best. Take a look at how we answer any homeowner with these questions.

An annual service appointment is similar to a dental checkup for humans. Our technicians inspect the unit, assess potential problems and with the homeowners consent, we can remedy these problems as well. Just like a cracked tooth or cavity, if repairs are not completed in a timely manner on a boiler, it can cause further long-term damage that can be costly and hard to manage down the road.

At a service appointment our trained technicians check that all areas of the water heating system are working properly. When there is a problem, we have a number of tools at our disposal in our stocked service vehicles, that our technicians are well-versed in utilizing. This means that all necessary repairs can be handled the same day, allowing our customers to get back to their daily life.

Aside from assessing a unit and completing repairs, we can also make recommendations to help make a boiler unit more energy efficient, helping homeowner to save even more money in the long-run.

Curious about our annual scheduled service of residential boiler units? Need to make sure your unit is operating at its best? Simply call our office at (604) 678-1650 to learn more about why we should service your water heating system each year. You can even schedule your annual service right over the phone with our boiler service & repair in UniverCity Burnaby BC professional.