Boiler Service & Repair in Parkcrest Burnaby BC

boiler service & repair in Parkcrest BurnabyWhen a homeowner notices a strange sound from their boiler, or notices that their house just isn’t as warm as it used to be, the first thing they should do is call Highmark Plumbing. All too often homeowners overlook these smaller issues, simply because they are too busy or forget, but it’s these little signs that are loudly saying that their boiler needs to be serviced or repaired. It is at the first sign of a potential problem that they need to call for our boiler service & repair in Parkcrest Burnaby BC.

When smaller issues arise with a boiler, our trained technicians begin by completing an assessment of the unit to identify the potential source of the problem. We then work with the customer to help them understand the diagnosis and determine if they want to complete any repairs to remedy the situation. Once identified repairs can be done immediately, as all technicians carry any equipment necessary to complete a job in their service vehicles.

Once a problem has been remedied, our technicians can review the need with the homeowner to have their boiler serviced annually so that major repairs can be avoided down the road. And they can also take the time to explain how to make their boiler more energy efficient, which can also help the customer to save money on their utility bill.

Don’t ignore the signs of a boiler that needs service or repair, especially because it could be hinting at a worsening problem that requires quick attention. At the first sign of a problem pick up the phone and call Highmark Plumbing boiler service & repair in Parkcrest Burnaby BC at (604) 678-1650. Let us ensure that your boiler is always working at its best.