Boiler Service & Repair in Kensington Vancouver BC

boiler service & repair in Kensington Vancouver BCIt might be cold outside, but when a heating unit is keeping the cold inside too, that’s a problem! A boiler that fails to heat can cause chilling heating problems within a home, and serious headaches for a homeowner. At the first sign of failure, we encourage homeowners to call for boiler service & repair in Kensington Vancouver BC.

Every day, the professional technicians at Highmark Plumbing receive phone calls from customers throughout the Kensington area requiring immediate attention. From boilers that are leaking to boilers that aren’t heating, we handle it all. Available 24 hours a day 7 days per week, we aim to make our service truly first class from the initial phone call for service or repair, to the time that the repairs are completed by our technicians.

Each technician is thoroughly trained and carries all the necessary equipment to complete major and minor repairs to a boiler, and they know that time is valuable. Working efficiently to complete a job quickly for a homeowner is part of the company model that is instilled in each of our great technicians.

Additionally, any homeowner can appreciate the fact that even though we respond around the clock to emergencies and have quality repair professionals, we don’t raise our rates because of it. In fact, our service prices are extremely competitive with other repair companies in the Vancouver area who might not provide the quality, quick service we do. We even offer promotions for our regular clients!

You shouldn’t have to freeze inside your home. Call Highmark Plumbing today at (604) 678-1650 to schedule your boiler service & repair in Kensington Vancouver BC. We can work quickly to start making your house feel as warm as a home again.