Boiler Service & Repair in Fairview Vancouver BC

boiler service & repair in Fairview Vancouver BCIs that banging sound coming from the boiler? Many homeowners are stunned to find that the strange noise they have been hearing in their garage or storage closet happens to be their boiler running. Oftentimes our clients call with concerns regarding the change in sound that their boiler is making, warranting an inspection from our boiler service & repair in Fairview Vancouver BC technicians.

Depending on the noise a homeowner is hearing, sometimes it can be a gurgle or a banging, there could be a number of different problems that it signifies. But, before attempting to diagnose any problem with a boiler on their own, it is important that a homeowner contact a Highmark Plumbing technician. Attempting to perform any repairs or diagnose any problem with a boiler can put a homeowner in harm’s way, especially for someone with no prior knowledge of these systems.

In the initial call to our office, homeowners can explain the type of noises that they are hearing and any other problems they might be having with their boiler. Then, we will send out one of our trained technicians to diagnose the problem and, with the homeowner’s consent, fix the problem at hand.

Once a repair has been made, our technicians can even work with a homeowner to explain the benefits of a necessary annual service on their system, and how to recognize other problems that might arise between services. We want to go beyond fixing the strange sound problem with a boiler, we want to educate our customers and ensure that their boiler lasts for years to come.

Don’t merely cover your ears to the sounds that your boiler is making, especially if they are different than usual. Pick up the phone and call (604) 678-1650 to request that a Highmark Plumbing boiler service & repair in Fairview Vancouver BC come and take a look at your heating system, before a serious problem arises.