Boiler Service & Repair in Airdrie, Calgary, AB

Boiler Service & Repair in Airdrie, Calgary, BCBoilers are a larger, more robust version of water heaters. With that said, we have only looked at the very tip of the complex mechanical device that is a boiler. Here at High Mark Plumbing, we take boiler service & repair in Airdrie very seriously.

Ever since humans brought their fires indoors, and perhaps even before that, we have known that fire is a good servant but a bad master. One could say that about boilers, as well. A boiler that is correctly installed and that receives regular service and all necessary repairs can do some amazing things. It can heat water for cleaning and bathing. It can heat single family homes, apartment buildings and offices. More than that, it can supply the power for certain types of industrial machinery.

However, like many modern inventions, service and repairs are essential to appropriate operations. Boiler service includes checking the safety valves, emergency plugs, thermostats and more. It might mean changing out the anode rod – a device that helps keep acids in the water from eating up the lining of the water tank. And, of course, it includes checking thermostats, insulation, drain pipes and flushing accumulated sludge from the water holding tank. These are only a few of the complex operations performed during a service visit. Repairs are done when it is likely that a part might fail or has already failed. We believe in fair and appropriate work.

High Mark Plumbing takes your boiler service & repair in Airdrie very seriously, just give us a call at (403)407-5750 to set up an appointment for service. If you suspect that your boiler needs repair, please be sure to let us know that when you call to enable us to prioritize your visit.