Boiler Service and Repair in Calgary

Boiler Service and Repair in Calgary

High Mark Plumbing is prepared for your boiler service and repair in Calgary. Boilers are an interesting sort of equipment. “Boiler” can simply be another term for hot water heater, but they can also be part of a heating system or an industrial complex. With that said, they do have a lot of characteristics in common with an ordinary household water heater.

A boiler usually includes a heating unit and a tank for holding heated water. Because water, when heated, tends to expand and give off steam, boilers must have working safety valves. Checking those valves is an important part of a boiler service. Other important parts include the thermostat, the heating device, emergency drain or overflow, and the anode rod. Working with a company who knows how to care for an maintain each component is important to the safety and longevity of the product. For example, maintenance of your boiler system may require draining the tank and flushing it to remove built up sludge. No matter how carefully filtered or well-maintained your water supply, hot water tanks of all sorts will collect a layer of sludge over time. In some areas, they can also develop a layer of calcification inside the tank, and this is not a do-it-yourself project to remove. Contact our team for any needed services or repairs.

Because newer standards indicate that water heating units (of whatever sort) that are over 55 gallons should be heated using a heat pump, we also have individuals on our team who are qualified to install heat pumps, as well as electricians who can deal with the electrical components of a boiler system.

Boilers are sometimes an integral part of a radiant heat system that utilizes hot water or steam as heat. Our team can help troubleshoot or maintain those systems, as well. Sometimes boilers are part of industrial equipment that uses steam as part of its operations.

Boilers do have a lot in common with hot water heaters – but they are often so much more. We take pride in having the team and the tools to deal with whatever might be involved with your boiler service and repair in Calgary. Call us today at (403)407-5750 to get started.

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