Bryan R

With 30 years of experience, Bryan has acquired quite the reputation in the industry.  Holding a Masters in Painting and 30 years of general construction experience it is no wonder why customers keep coming back to use Bryan's services.  A happy husband  with 5 children and 4 grandchildren, when not with his family you can see Bryan fishing, though he will not tell us his secret fishing spot.

Construction Articles

  • Different Types Of Fences
    Different Types Of Fences

    There are many different types of fences. How do you know what type of fence is the right one for your property? Do you want a fence for privacy, security, to keep your pets from escaping, or simply for aesthetic reasons?

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  • Types Of Asbestos
    Types Of Asbestos

    Manufacturers used the six types of asbestos to make goods due to it’s strength and heat resistance.

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