How To Cool Down A Room

How To Cool A Room

You come home from work and your home is stifling hot. Unfortunately, not everyone has air conditioning. Here are tips on how to cool down a room without air conditioning.

Allergy Proof Your HVAC System

Allergy Proof Your HVAC System

While we can’t control the allergens we come in contact with when we’re outdoors, but we can take steps to allergy proof our HVAC system for when we are indoors. It’s a beautiful sunny spring day and It would be a perfect day if you didn’t have nasty allergies.  If you’re like 28% of Canadians, […]

History Of Furnaces

History Of Furnaces - High Mark

You come home from work and notice your living room is chilly. What do you do? You turn up the thermostat and wait for the room to warm up. But have you ever thought about the History of Furnaces or how they were invented?

Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Types of Air Conditioning Units - High Mark

Summer is coming and with it the heat. It comes as no surprise that air conditioning usage in BC is rising across the province. Whether it be due to climate change or if people just want to be more comfortable, the number of people with air conditioning units is growing.

When To Change Your Furnace Filter

When Do You Need To Change Your Furnace Filter

WHEN TO CHANGE YOURAIR FURNACE FILTER When To Change Your Furnace Filter There are many things we do to improve air quality in our homes. We buy air purifiers, open windows, and clean often. But many people miss one of the most important air-quality control systems — changing your furnace filter.   The air filters in […]