AC Repair Service in Calgary

One of the advantages of working with professionals is the calm that you feel knowing that the service you get is the best. That is what we offer here at High Mark Mechanical Plumbing & Heating, professional service provided by highly skilled knowledgeable workers. That is what makes us the premier provider of AC Repair Service in Calgary.

There are several reasons why we are the one company that pops into people’s mind when talking about air conditioning repair. We continuously trained to keep on improving our craft. We aim to learn about our field as much as possible. We know that product knowledge is the one thing that separates an average technician to a good one, and we will never settle to just being kind.

Our technicians are skilled in handling almost all type of air conditioners. We are certified by some of the best manufacturers in the world. We will not practice a hit or miss approach in fixing your device; we will formulate the best course of action before attempting to repair your item. This will minimize collateral damage which happens a lot when dealing with technicians without our caution.

Another advantage of choosing us is the fact that we repair systems that we did not build. We even have a twenty-four-hour customer service to assist customers anytime, any day. If your set up is beyond repair, we can also make a custom-built system that is efficient, durable and cost effective to replace your faulty setup.

We handle an extensive line of equipment that allows us to manage any customer. Residential, commercial or industrial, we are the company to provide with the most reliable AC Repair Service in Calgary. Call us now at (403) 407-5750 and get a free consultation.