Abbotsford Boiler Service and Repair


If you’ve noticed inefficient heating, banging, leaking or even excessive water use, then it may be time for you to get your boiler inspected. And if it’s during the winter, you need to have your boiler inspected and repaired as soon as possible to limit the time your home is without heat and/or hot water, which is exactly why you need to call our fast, reliable and knowledgeable experts at High Mark Plumbing.  We specialize in Abbotsford boiler service and repair.

Our experts are certified and qualified for annual safety checks that will ensure your boiler stays in tip-top shape all year long so that it performs at its best. However, if a repair is needed, the skilled team of High Mark Plumbing in Abbotsford can perform simple repairs or a complete boiler replacement efficiently so that your boiler is back up and running in no time at all. 

We will work with you and your schedule to come in and repair your boiler system. We understand the importance of being home while we work, but we also understand the importance of getting your boiler and hot water system operating properly so that you aren’t without heat or hot water in your home. 

Give us a call to schedule your annual safety check or for any of your boiler and hot water system needs. We are licensed to perform both residential and commercial boiler repair and service near Abbotsford and take pride in delivering the best possible customer service.