2016 FortisBC Rebates Announced

FortisBC RebateThe 2016 FortisBC rebates have been announced! For a limited time, FortisBC is offering fantastic rebates to customers – meaning this is a great time to consider replacing old equipment, or to simply stay ahead by upgrading.

Having outdated equipment can be quite costly, both financially and in regard to personal environmental footprint size. Fortis BC endeavors to decrease customer’s environmental footprint as much as possible, while also saving customers as much money as possible. This is a great opportunity to replace old equipment, or to simply stay ahead by upgrading.

For certain rebates, FortisBC is offering customers rebates of up to $2,000! Be sure to pay attention for deadlines.

Business and homeowners alike can benefit from these rebates. Below is a list of the products that rebates are being offered for right now:

Take advantage of these rebates while they last! You can have a brand new, energy and cost efficient model installed for low monthly payments, making it even more affordable. Increasing the efficiency of your appliance and home heating and cooling systems will not only decrease your energy consumption and cost, but also increase the comfort of your home or office building. You’ll definitely notice the difference!

For more information on the 2016 Fortis BC Rebate for High Mark Plumbing, give our friendly staff at call today at (604)945-6060!